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Kukri Knives

The mighty kukri is a Nepalese knife that serves both as a tool and as a weapon. It is a hybrid between knife and ax.

Cuchillo Kukri Regimento Gurkha - Kukri Knives

It is part of the arsenal of the regiment and the coat of arms of the Gurkha fighters. It is curved and some kukris are made for the modern Indian army.

Cuchillo Kukri - Kukri Knives

The kauri or kaura is one of the unique characteristics of the kukri: it is a notch in the shape of a half moon that is located on the inside of the blade, near the handle. This kauri serves to prevent the blade’s blood flow from wetting the handle during combat.

Kukri cuchillo nepalés - Kukri Knives

The kukri was used in the First and Second World Wars. Nepalese learn to manipulate them from the age of five.

Cuchillo Kukri de Muela - Kukri Knives

They come in various sizes, from miniatures to huge sword-like models used in ceremonies where buffalo are slaughtered by a single clean cut.

Cuchillo kukri Zombie Hunter - Kukri Knives