Muela Spanish Knives

cuchillos kodiak 800x478 - Muela Spanish Knives

With the guarantee and support of over half a century manufacturing sporting knives, Manufacturas Muela offers a wide selection in its new catalogue where you are bound to find the most suitable model, whatever your option. From the most

Essential Kitchen Knives

Soporte magnetico cuchillos cocina - Essential Kitchen Knives

Indispensable Knives in the Kitchen Cooking is an art that thrives on skill, passion, and, of course, the right tools. Among these, knives hold a predominant place, being extensions of the chef’s hand that allow transforming raw ingredients into

Knives made in Spain

cuchillos made in spain - Knives made in Spain

Spain is not only recognized for its rich culture and cuisine, but also for its outstanding cutlery industry, with a history that dates back several centuries. In this article, we will explore the brands that have defined the standard

Tactical Knives, Bushcraft, and Survival Knives

Cuchillos Bushcraft o Supervivencia 810x478 - Tactical Knives, Bushcraft, and Survival Knives

At the forefront of every outdoor expedition, knives position themselves as essential tools, distinct in their purpose and design. Tactical knives, with their robustness and additional features like glass breakers, are oriented towards emergency situations and defense. Survival knives,

Adventure-Outdoor Knives


Hunting, fishing, mountaineering, trekking… whatever the activity which brings you into contact with nature, be it for work or for sport, it is impossible to count the number of times the aid of a knife will be absolutely essential. Precisely


Cuchillo tactico mango cocobolo 1 785x675 1 785x478 - CUDEMAN: KNIVES, POCKET KNIVES AND AXES

The Spanish brand Cudeman accumulates more than 38 years of experience at the service of lovers of pocket knives and knives and has a team of qualified workers for the manufacture of sports knives and pocket knives. Since its

Blade Steels Types for Knives

Set Of 3 Samura Knives Damascus Series - Blade Steels Types for Knives

The Knives use diferents types of steels and coatings to give them the form and hardness required. In the following list shows some types of steel used habitually. 420H (High Carbon content) 420 steel with high Carbon content. Very

Handle Materials for Knives


The Knives use diferents types of materials and coatings to give them the hardness required. In the following list shows some types of materials used habitually to knives handles. MICARTA® A composite of linen, canvas that is impregnated with

Different Types of Scissors

Tijeras profesionales desmontables 450x242 1 - Different Types of Scissors

Scissors are a hand tool used for cutting. It is made up of two steel blades that rotate on a common axis with respect to which the cutting edges are located on one side and the handle on the

Types of Pocket Knives

Navaja J.J. MARTINEZ Arabe Artesanal con mango Asta Toro - Types of Pocket Knives

The functionality and practical value of a quality knife is that it is safe, robust or thin, but always effective, to which must be added its design and practically unalterable materials. There are also those that add exclusive features

African Safari Knives of Muela

cuchillo elephant lujo edicion limitada 800x478 - African Safari Knives of Muela

With the very special African Safari Series, Manufacturas Muela offers the hunter and the most demanding collector a series of unique and exclusive knives, which pay tribute to the different species of African big and dangerous game, of which

Military and Hunting Machetes

MACHETE RUI TANIWHA 427x450 1 - Military and Hunting Machetes

The machete is a tool with a large cutting blade. The blade of the machete is usually between 32.5 and 60 centimeters long and usually less than 3 millimeters thick. The machete has several uses, such as in tropical

Luxury Knives brand Muela


Among the products we manufacture, stand out our luxury knives. Knives for which we create exclusive designs combining precious metals and wood with exceptional craftsmanship. Embossed silver, etchings, and enamels, added to a whole knives make this series a superb example

Hunting Knives Spanish


There can be no doubt that hunting is intrinsically linked to the essence and tradition of Muela knives, and that among our hunting knives ther are a whole host of designs and styles specially adapted for diverse uses, and

Spanish Folding Knives


Many of the Muela folding knives included in this catalogue are functional and practical, safe, robust and efficiently designed with virtually unalterable materials. However, you will also find folding knives with essential characteristics that add distinctive features, such as Damascus steel and

Different types of axes

HACHA DE CAMPO BUCKNIVES 450x400 1 - Different types of axes

The ax is a cutting tool, composed of a thick steel blade, with a somewhat convex edge, an eye to cut it, and sometimes with a breastplate. Formerly it was used as a weapon for war, being the same

Kukri Knives

Cuchillo Kukri Regimento Gurkha - Kukri Knives

The mighty kukri is a Nepalese knife that serves both as a tool and as a weapon. It is a hybrid between knife and ax. It is part of the arsenal of the regiment and the coat of arms