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Different types of axes

The ax is a cutting tool, composed of a thick steel blade, with a somewhat convex edge, an eye to cut it, and sometimes with a breastplate. Formerly it was used as a weapon for war, being the same as the ax for chopping wood, but in order to disarm the enemy, breaking the weapons that defended it.

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Its metal edge is securely attached to a handle, usually made of wood, to cut with blows. The typical use of the ax is chopping wood and felling trees.

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Its origin must be located in prehistory, from the Neolithic Age, when they were used as weapons for hunting and warfare. Later the Vikings, Normans, Amerindians, English, French, etc., also used it as a weapon of war.

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Currently the ax is still used for cutting firewood, for felling trees, but it is also widely used for adventure sports, and outdoors such as hunting.

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And it also has a tactical and military use, since security forces such as firefighters, rangers and infantry have it as an excellent auxiliary work element.

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