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Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen is culture. Since the beginning of human history, man has had to feed himself, eat to survive.

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When man started cooking, culture began, without a doubt. In all the archaeological and anthropological museums of the world, where ancient pieces are exhibited, we see how the elements of the kitchen appear outstanding for their importance and beauty.

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Each town had its own way of cooking its own food, it used its own cooking utensils.

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Popular culture is integrated in various ways and with very different elements. It is the way of being of the peoples. Gastronomy is one of the most important cultural manifestations of the human being and within this term should not be understood only the so-called “haute cuisine”, but all the culinary expressions of the various regions and social strata

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The kitchen is also art and expression of feelings. And it is also technical because kitchen tools evolve with time and technological advances.

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The kitchen is also the favorite meeting place for family and friends. It is the most visited and loved place in the house. That is why it is necessary to have a good kitchen utensil so that everything is ready, goes well and faster.


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Among the most important kitchen utensils are kitchen knives and their multiple variety for all kinds of uses, can openers, corkscrews, kitchen scissors, bottle openers, bottle caps, bottle openers, spatulas, etc., etc.

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Wooden knife holder