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Types of Pocket Knives

The functionality and practical value of a quality knife is that it is safe, robust or thin, but always effective, to which must be added its design and practically unalterable materials.

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There are also those that add exclusive features of distinction to the essential characteristics, such as Damascus steels and exotic woods or natural antlers, creating a series of models in which exclusivity, finish and beauty demonstrate the degree of quality and craftsmanship imposed on their elaboration.

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Whether combined with antlers of deer or bull, with high-value woods, nickel silver, brass, or even with the most advanced synthetic compounds, among our knives you will find designs that are absolutely current, although they also exist in the most classic forms in which Spanish artisans created them centuries ago, and they confirm our tradition.

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The price depends on the quality of its materials, especially the steel with which they are made.

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There are knives for all kinds of uses such as, for example, razors, hunting knives, rescue knives, marine knives, multi-tool knives, knives for sports such as cycling, skates, mountain biking or golf, gardening and mountain knives. , pocket knives, etc.

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There are also stiletto knives, damascene knives, ring knives, pocket knives, swiss-tools knives and tactical knives. Collectors and those who acquire them for different uses appreciate each one of them, because they turn out to be a very useful treasure.

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Since ancient times the use of the razor is popular and practical in many professions and activities such as, for example, farmers (to prune the vine or harvest), shepherds (to chop cheese and bread or carve wood) , fishermen (to remove hooks), hunters (to chop food), carvers (on cork, soap or wood), basket craftsmen (to match reeds or wickers), scribes (to sharpen the old pen or pen), plumbers (to cut pipes or rubber), electricians (to strip a wire), etc.

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We can appreciate how the use of the knife is the most noble and productive that exists in the hands of working people or collectors; sometimes it seems that some people intend to marginalize them as an instrument of misuse or dangerous.

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