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Adventure-Outdoor Knives


Hunting, fishing, mountaineering, trekking… whatever the activity which brings you into contact with nature, be it for work or for sport, it is impossible to count the number of times the aid of a knife will be absolutely essential. Precisely

Military and Hunting Machetes

MACHETE RUI TANIWHA 427x450 1 - Military and Hunting Machetes

The machete is a tool with a large cutting blade. The blade of the machete is usually between 32.5 and 60 centimeters long and usually less than 3 millimeters thick. The machete has several uses, such as in tropical

Kukri Knives

Cuchillo Kukri Regimento Gurkha - Kukri Knives

The mighty kukri is a Nepalese knife that serves both as a tool and as a weapon. It is a hybrid between knife and ax. It is part of the arsenal of the regiment and the coat of arms

The famous Bowie knives

Cuchillo Bowie U - The famous Bowie knives

The Bowie knife has a large size and thickness and its blade has a cut at its end or a lanceolate tip. It is a legendary knife of the North American West since the mid-18th century, so the Bowie

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Knives-Shop

CYBER MONDAY cuchillosnavajas - Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Knives-Shop

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the days dedicated to online or Internet purchases, which are celebrated the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday and last until the following Monday. In our Knives-Shop, we have thought for you some