Spanish Tactical Knives


Even after thousands of years knives today is still a priceless aid for soldiers all over the world, because of their multiple facets as tools, without forgetting their inestimable value as weapons for self-defence. Moreover, thousand of members of tactical police intervention forces all

Kitchen Utensils

TABLA DE COCINA 386x235 custom - Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen is culture. Since the beginning of human history, man has had to feed himself, eat to survive. When man started cooking, culture began, without a doubt. In all the archaeological and anthropological museums of the world, where

Muela Spanish Knives

cuchillos kodiak 800x478 - Muela Spanish Knives

With the guarantee and support of over half a century manufacturing sporting knives, Manufacturas Muela offers a wide selection in its new catalogue where you are bound to find the most suitable model, whatever your option. From the most

Kitchen Knives Arcos.- Riviera Series


RIVIERA SERIES, combining the sophistication of intelligent design with comfort and ease of use. The Riviera blade is made from NITRUM® forged stainless steel. Exclusive steel of high performance and durability. The Riviera handle is designed to adapt to the

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Knives-Shop

CYBER MONDAY cuchillosnavajas - Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Knives-Shop

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are the days dedicated to online or Internet purchases, which are celebrated the day after the American Thanksgiving holiday and last until the following Monday. In our Knives-Shop, we have thought for you some